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In this section, you will find a large selection of surgical gown. The doctor's coat needs to be very comfortable to make you feel free in your movements. It is therefore advisable to wear a a block pyjamas stretch. Find a wide range of prices : cheap surgical gown or a surgical gown high-end. Depending on your preferences, opt for a tie-dye blouse like a medical gown with zipper or medical blouse with snap fastenersa v-neck medical gowna colored blouse, long medical gown, a short-sleeved lab coat or a long-sleeved shirt

Surgeons often favour a medical uniform blue or green within the operating area. These colours are less reflective with the strong lights in the operating room, do not cause glare and are more visible on video screens. In addition, a coloured doctor's coat gives the patients a little more confidence.

Discover also our washable overblouse designed for the needs of hospitals and recommended by theARS.

To guarantee a well-groomed look, do not hesitate to use our embroidery department. At Mankaia, all our medical clothing are customizable and the craziest desires are allowed: all choices of font, location, colors.... Treat yourself and give your workplace a professional image.

To complete your surgical outfitdon't miss also our selection of women's medical pants, men's medical pants, block cap and block shoes.

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