Surgeon masks

Selection of washable face mask and reusable. Purchase fabric mask for professionals.
Here you will find masks category 1 (UNS1) and category 2 masks (UNS2).

UNS1 Mask : approved washable mask certified category 1. This fabric mask is for use by professionals in contact with the public.

UNS2 Mask : certified fabric mask category 2. This protective mask is collectively designed to protect an entire group wearing these masks, even in the face of the Covid19 .

Our plain and fancy protective masks are tested 30 washes minimumcertified AFNOR and DGA with a guaranteed filtration up till 99%.


  • Adult Mask

    We have a selection of mask UNS1 tested 50 washes with guaranteed filtration 99%of fFP2 masks, of the mask cotton or mask polypropylene and also of mask antimicrobial into many colors : black, navy blue, pink, green, grey, red, purple, beige...

    You can also find our proposal of child mask.

  • Child Mask

    Discover a selection of washable child mask. Our masks are suitable for children from 6 years old. Children's mask UNS1, child antimicrobial mask, child mask comfortableyou have a choice! We offer you 3 types of fabrics: polypropylene child mask, child mask cotton and stretchy child mask.
    You can also find our proposal of adult mask.

  • Washable mask
  • Surgical Mask

    Mankaia offers a selection of surgical mask.

    Our surgical masks are antimicrobial they push back the microbess, the bacterias, the virus and wick away the moisture. Plus, they're fun and stylish.

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