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  • Medical Scrubs

    Selection of medical overblouse for all caregivers who need to make sure that they get the maximum protection.

    Washable overblouse suitable for industrial washing. Carried out according to aRS recommendations.

  • Medical gown - High...


    Discover the medical clothes specially designed for the high-temperature cleaning or industrial washing. Ideal for a dental outfite, surgical outfitn, hospital dressl, operating theatre dresse and all the other health care professions.

    These medical clothes have been tested in washing at 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. Durable fabric guaranteed!

  • Antimicrobial medical...

    The technology of antimicrobial tissue inhibits the growth of bacteria.

    It is effective and resistant against a broad spectrum of harmful microbes: this includes bacterias, the moldmushrooms, mushrooms and even virus.

    Harmful microbes are encapsulated in the fibre to be released only at the time of the wash.

  • Surgeon masks

    Selection of washable face mask and reusable. Purchase fabric mask for professionals.
    Here you will find masks category 1 (UNS1) and category 2 masks (UNS2).

    UNS1 Mask : approved washable mask certified category 1. This fabric mask is for use by professionals in contact with the public.

    UNS2 Mask : certified fabric mask category 2. This protective mask is collectively designed to protect an entire group wearing these masks, even in the face of the Covid19 .

    Our plain and fancy protective masks are tested 30 washes minimumcertified AFNOR and DGA with a guaranteed filtration up till 99%.

  • Protective Visor

    Selection of protective visors with sunscreen at all prices!

  • Protective Goggles
  • Hydroalcoholic Solution

    Hydroalcoholic for hand antisepsis and hand hygiene. Recommended by WHO.

    Hydroalcoholic gel

  • Medical shoes
  • Socks

    Women's Medical Socks

    Choose from women's medical socks quality to guarantee the best comfort of your feet. They adapt perfectly to all types of women's medical shoes. You're looking for fancy patterns to bring a little extra detail to your medical uniform ? Take a look at our support stockings to better circulate your blood throughout your working day in the medical community. Ideal to complete a dental outfit, veterinary uniform, pharmacist's uniform, dress code, physiological hold, nursing attire, nursing uniform, surgical outfit, hospital clothing, operating theatre dress... Also think of associating your pair of socks with our wide range of women's medical blouse or women's medical pants or with the women's medical shoes

  • Nurse Watch

    The nursing watch or".. hospital watch "is a watch designed for
    nurses and to nursing aides in the exercise of their profession. The purpose of these watches is to respond to hygienic precautions. The regularity of the hand wash requires that watches should not be worn on the wrist to prevent the transmission of germs from one patient to another. For more convenience, choose the watch that hangs to your blouse among all our models. Mankaia offers silicone watches easily washable and disinfectants. Besides, the nurse watch is very resistant to falls! Looking for a watch simultaneously pretty while ensuring hygiene, security ? Be seduced by our models in plain colours or with fancy patterns!

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